Adapting to the times and growing alongside our clients. Putting customers at the heart of our business.

Marketing that touches hearts

  • CMC stands for Creative Marketing Coordinator. Achieving mutual success with customers is our goal. Through profound insights into business needs and customer behavior, we provide “creative solutions that captivate and delight”. Established in Japan in 1962, CMC has grown steadily as a trusted partner of our corporate clients.The Asia Pacific region is an emerging market of enormous potential. The expanding middle class here will continue to be one of the engines of global growth. Booming economies in this densely populated region are giving rise to waves of aspirational consumers eager to enrich their quality of life.
  • Recognizing this growing potential, CMC Asia Pacific was established. As industry specialists in the industry, we believe that by marrying our hard-earned expertise with local knowledge and insights, we can provide the same high level of service to new customers in the Asia Pacific region by working together to touch hearts.


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    Customer First

    At CMC, we highly believe that we should always be adapting to the times and growing alongside our clients. Only by truly understanding what our clients think, feel, need and want can we hope to give them the utmost value.

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    The Genba is the place where products are developed, where customers are served. To know the Genba is to know the customer. Without going and seeing it for ourselves, we can’t expect to know what customers truly expect and what opportunities exist.

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    We all need to have the courage to take on new challenges that come our way, as well as the perseverance to follow through on what we start.

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    As professionals, it is essential that we have the core competencies to meet our customers’ basic expectations with regard to quality through skillful execution and attention to detail.

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    Exceptional Judgement

    In the course of our work, we are required to make all types of decision. In order to make the right choices, it is essential that we have the ability to determine precisely what we need to judge in a timely manner.

CMC Asia Pacific is located in Bangkok and Singapore

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