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Marketing that touches hearts

  • CMC stands for Creative Marketing Coordinator. Our mission is to optimize our clients’ marketing activities through presenting excellent planning skills and creativity in order to convey value to the society. Established in 1962 in Japan, we have been offering values based on this mission.Asia Pacific is increasingly becoming critical area for many corporations. Not only the quantitative expansion is desired to compete in this fast growing market, but also delicate marketing activities that capture diverse Asian consumers’ hearts are necessary. Needless to say, a keen understanding of local consumers is essential for this marketing.
  • We, CMC Asia Pacific, are experts in realization of optimal marketing activities in every market. Our team knows the best of the market and has highly specialized knowledge. In each market, we support your effective promotions. To deliver marketing that touches consumers’ hearts, we work as one with our clients, and produce cutting edge solutions.Together with you, we complete unforgettable works beyond the targeted objectives.


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    To deliver the most suitable market activities to our clients, we make the most of various resources. This allows us to deliver outputs beyond the client’s expectation. Through this way, we grow stronger with our clients.
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    Genba Shugi

    We believe that only pen and paper will not create the top quality outputs. We go down and work at the “Genba,” where we can feel consumers’ reaction, where we can hear consumers’ voices.
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    Challenge Spirit

    To deliver exciting marketing for consumers, we take actions and challenge to create new ideas and services.
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    Professional Quality

    We are professionals. We constantly look for the most up-to-date information and pursuit for the highest quality.
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    Make the Best Decision Quickly

    In this fast moving marketing industry, time is a scares resource. We never procrastinate but make the best decision quickly.
CMC ASIA PACIFIC located in Bangkok and Singapore

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